Marketing Network
Marketing Policy

  • Product Quality exceeding Customer's expectations
  • Timely Despatches
  • Attractive and functional packaging
  • Quick Business Response
  • Prompt After-Sales service
  • Adhering to fair and ethical business practices

Our Quality Standard

Our quality policy is based on customer satisfaction and all marketing activities are focused on this.  We have set benchmarks on the following parameters, which lead to customer satisfaction i.e product quality, delivery time, after sales service and market communication.
Our Focal Point

At Manikgarh Cement, Customer is a focal point of all our endeavors right from the product to processes to communication.  Only one objective guides us that is how fast and better we can serve our customers; "Change from a product centric to a customer centric approach has made us rethink on all our old paradigms and attitudes, to build up a product which fulfils expectation of users and build an efficient and responsive team of people who can ensure quick and expert care, helping thousands of users and keep them smiling. 

Pioneers in Blended Cement

We have been the pioneers in introducing the PPC brand in our market. The Company has focused on promoting blended cement Birla Gold Premium. This product is eco-friendly and low heat generating, ensuring a durable construction. The shift from OPC to PPC was done as PPC has many advantages over OPC and helps to conserve natural resources.
Customer Service

Customer service cells have been established at various marketing centers which are manned by qualified and experienced technical personnel.  They provide advice to customers on getting the best value from cement and offer assistance on civil construction related issues.

Influencing the influencers is a plank of our marketing strategy by disseminating information about our products through one-to-one interaction with masons/architects/engineers.

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Manikgarh Cement

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Users Guide

To educate the customers regarding construction, we have made a Users Guide which simplifies the house building process in a non-technical language which has been very well accepted in the market and the same is also being introduced in Hindi as well in digital form.  We are planning to upload the same on our website as well.

Computerization and Automation

To give better and prompt communication to our customers, we have standardized and  automated our processes and have gone in for increased usage of computers in day to day processes,  because of which the time lag in responding to the customers have reduced considerably.


To communicate and popularize the brands and its advantages various cost effective media like wall painting, hording, signboards, truck and trolley paintings have been used. Apart from this, ads in news papers and directory advertisements are used to put across our message. To further communicate the product advantages, various POP items like banners, posters, leaflets, etc. are being used. 

Sales Promotion

We conduct various sales promotion activities mainly to popularize our cement and position it in the premium league of cement brands of the country. Our activities include Stockiest and Retailers get together, Technical Conferences for Builders and Architects and other Promotion Schemes for the network. 

Internal Checks

To ensure adherence to management policy and guidelines, ethical standards, and transparency of process, regular audits by in house auditors and internal auditors are being done continuously to bring continual improvement and cost effectiveness. Apart from this, market audits and competition audits are done continuously to benchmark against industry standards of product and service and to ensure market rates and keep outstanding in check.


Continuous analysis of cost of delivery and time is done to decide the best mode of transportation.  Apart from this process like reverse auction has been conducted to optimize on transportation cost.