Manikgarh Cement produces Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) and Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC).  The motivation for the production of blended cement has been primarily with the aim of preserving limestone reserves and protecting the environment.

Cement produced by Manikgarh Cement is known in the market by the Brand Name - Birla Gold.

The 21-Point Advantage of PPC(Blended Cement)

1.  Continuous growth in strength because of secondary reaction with free lime.  
2.  Optimum setting time to match the Indian working parameters.
3.  Improves durability       
4.  Reduces permeability and voids.
5.  Reduces expansion and heat of hydration.
6.  Self healing properties because of formation of C-S-H Gel which fills the cracks.
7.  Reduces micro-cracking.
8.  Increases long term compressive strength
9.  Increases resistance to chloride attack
10. Increases resistance to sulfate attack
11. Reduces alkali-aggregate reaction
12. Impedes carbonation
13. Reduces freeze-thaw damage because of low voids
14. Protects steel reinforcement from corrosion due to low permeability and binding of chloride ions
15. Increases abrasion resistance because of dense concrete mix
16. Lowers water requirement with high fluidity, self-leveling and self-compression
17. Durability is enhanced drastically due to resistance to all external environmental factors
18. Because of higher fineness better finish achieved
19. Eco friendly and reduces carbon dioxide emission
20. Reduces painting cost
21. Reduces overall costs because of better durability

Uses of PPC

1.    Hydraulic Structures
2.    Mass Concreting Works
3.    Marine Structures
4.    Masonry Mortars and Plastering
5.    Under aggressive Conditions
6.    Industrial buildings and underground construction works viz; Water tanks, Roads, Bridges, Dams, Sea Wall,
        Turbine Block & Residential or multiple storied Building works.


Birla Gold OPC 43 Gr and 53 Gr Cements are ideal for all types of construction, housing and commercial buildings, individual houses, high strength flyovers, RCC elements, pre-stress and prefabricated concrete elements where strength and durability are the guiding factors.

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A new specially developed composite cement, produced by inter grinding high quality clinker with high quality fly ash & gypsum in suitable proportion having high fineness and better strength properties. This unique, value added product has hydraulic binding properties which are not found in ordinary Portland cement.